4 Reasons Why You Need to Stay at the Jockey Club, Las Vegas’s Best Kept Secret

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While it’s usually cheap to fly to Las Vegas, finding accommodations on the Strip is anything but. Between exorbitant nightly rates and resort fees, it can feel almost impossible to find an awesome and affordable place on the Las Vegas Strip, unless you’re a high roller or plan on blowing all those hard-earned credit card points. 

But I’m here to let you in on a little secret- the Jockey Club. Here’s 4 reasons why you need to book your stay at the Jockey Club, Las Vegas’s best hidden gem, right now. 

View of the Jockey Club and The Cosmopolitan from the Bellagio Fountain

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What is the Jockey Club?

I want to start off this article by being completely transparent. 

I’ve personally stayed at the Jockey Club multiple times and if you’re looking for a room with an infinity pool overlooking the Strip or a helicopter pad or whatever else fancy things that suite had in The Hangover, it probably isn’t the right fit for you. But if you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable place that’s right on the Strip, this option is hard to beat!

Woman looking at a sign for the Jockey Club in Las Vegas

The Jockey Club was originally built in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip in the 1970s, in hopes of providing more affordable housing for local workers. After a few years, though, the Jockey Club became a timeshare resort and now, its hundreds of suites are owned by approximately 14,000 timeshare owners and about 100 fullshare owners. 

While you can now rent out some of the suites on platforms, like Booking.com, like any other hotel, staying here is a bit different- the decor of each suite varies a bit from room to room, depending on its owners. Additionally, while the experience is akin to a normal hotel experience, with check-in and check-out and a host of amenities, like a pool and hot tub, the actual rooms themselves feel more like a full-blown stocked apartment, complete with your own living room and kitchen (more on that below!).

One bedroom suite in the Jockey Club in Las Vegas

All in all, the Jockey Club is a bit of an odd duck in the land of super pricey themed hotels- but the perfect option for those who would rather spend their money out enjoying Vegas than on a room itself.

Why You Should Stay at the Jockey Club

So why should you spend your hard-earned cash on a 1970s timeshare resort? Let me count the ways.

1. It’s REALLY affordable.  

Despite the fact that I don’t gamble (like, at all), I frickin’ LOVE Vegas- in fact, I’ve been eight times in the past five years. And my favorite part about it is the Strip- all of the crazy neon lights, the over-the-top themed hotels, and the best people watching on the planet. So naturally, when I come to Vegas, I like to stay on the Strip.

View of the Paris Casino from the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

That being said, all those over-the-top hotels I love so much, like Paris, the Venetian, or the Caesar’s Palace are usually pretty pricey- usually costing, at a minimum, about $400 a night most weekends for the most basic room (with a view of a concrete wall, to boot) and can easily be double that on popular dates, like New Year’s Eve.

And on top of that? You usually need to pay a resort fee, an additional nightly fee that’s supposed to go towards your enjoyment of the pool and other hotel amenities. The average resort fee in Vegas is about $32 a night, but, for the popular hotels in the heart of the Strip, you’ll usually pay closer to about $45 a night! (Sounds like a ripoff? We think so too.)

The Jockey Club, on the other hand? Nightly room rates generally cost between just $150-$200 for a one-bedroom suite- AND there’s no resort fee, making it one of the cheapest hotels on the Vegas Strip. 

The Jockey Club exterior from the walkway of the Bellagio in Las Vegas

So staying at the Jockey Club can quite literally save you hundreds of dollars on just a single night and thousands on even a short weekend stay- which you can instead spend on seeing Britney Spears or on the roulette table or whatever else might float your fancy. 

2. It’s got the perfect location. 

If I had to pick the beating heart of Vegas, it would probably be the famous Bellagio fountains in the center of the Strip, an array of over 1,000 fountains that shoot water up to 460 feet high and are beautifully choreographed to popular songs, located right in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Jockey Club quite literally is right next to the Bellagio Fountains, less than a four minute walk away and with a good chunk of its rooms overlooking the fountains.

Another unique fact? In 2010, the three towers of the Cosmopolitan, an edgy and sexy resort with the glittery three story Chandelier bar and home to some of the best restaurants in Vegas, were literally built around the Jockey Club. 

Lobby of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

This unique construction is all thanks to the Jockey Club’s unusual history- given that its suites are owned by thousands of people, there’s really no way for the Cosmo’s developers- or any other developers- to buy the property. So you can actually take an elevator directly from the Cosmopolitan’s casino floor, down into the lobby of the Jockey Club.

TL;DR: if you want to stay in a hotel right in the heart of everything, the Jockey Club definitely checks that box. 

entrance to jockey club elevators from the Cosmopolitan’s casino floor
woman pushing button in the jockey club elevators

3. You get a full-blown equipped suite, with a living room and kitchen. 

Having stayed in a number of Vegas hotels, I can confirm that you usually just get a small refrigerator that’s stuffed with overpriced tiny bottles of booze and candy. And if you move around said tiny bottles of booze and candy to actually use the fridge to store leftovers or drinks purchased at Walgreens, you just may be charged $237 because the sensors in the minibar will be triggered (yes, that actually happened to me!).

Comparatively, the Jockey Club suites are like small full-blown apartments that you could feasibly live in. They each have a kitchen, complete with an oven, fridge, dishwasher, and yes, dishes; living room, including a sofa bed; one to two bedrooms; and bathroom. So if you’re really trying to save money while you’re in town, beyond just staying at one of the cheapest hotels on the Vegas Strip, you can also do everything from making coffee to a full-blown gourmet dinner in your room. 

Living room and kitchen in suite in the Jockey Club in Las Vegas

Even If you’re not into that, you’ll still get a lot more space than a typical Vegas hotel room to spread out and make yourself at home. This makes the Jockey Club perfect for groups trips, like a Vegas bachelorette party or a big family outing.

4. You get access to some of the Cosmopolitan’s amenities.

The Jockey Club is a resort and thus, has amenities, like a pool, hot tub, sauna, and grills. And while they’re perfectly nice, they’re not exactly what I’d call “bougie”. 

For example, the pool is on the smaller side, permanently sits in the shadow of the Cosmo’s towers, and literally has a baseball net over the top to catch random things chucked off the Cosmo’s balconies from hitting and possibly killing people in the pool. So… not exactly the fanciest. 

Pool at the Jockey Club in Las Vegas

BUT if you’ve made it this far into the article, Imma let you in on a big ol’ secret- the Jockey Club and the Cosmopolitan have a relationship that goes WAY back. In fact, over the years, the Cosmopolitan has invested millions of dollars into the Jockey Club- from what I can gather, this may have been part of the deal to allow the Cosmopolitan to essentially build its towers on top of the Jockey Club’s buildings.

I’m all about those kumbaya vibes, but more importantly for you, as a Jockey Club guest, their good relationship means you get access to a few of the Cosmo’s luxurious amenities, like:

  • Free self-park parking at the Cosmopolitan’s garage or $5 per day valet parking
  • Access to the Chelsea pool, one of the Cosmo’s bougie rooftop pools on the 14th floor, with in-pool lounge chairs and boozie Dole Whips for purchase (please buy one and thank me later). While this is a HUGE perk, in my opinion, note that you’ll need to make a reservation with the Jockey Club concierge 24 hours before you want to use the Chelsea pool, which cannot fall on either your check-in or check-out day, and is always subject to availability. 
  • Access to the two rooftop tennis courts (which also requires a reservation with the concierge)
The Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas
This is the epic view from the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool. You do not get access to this pool as a Jockey Club guest, but the Chelsea pool has similar vibes, with rad views of the Aria hotel and lots of in-pool lounging.

So, in other words, for one of the cheapest hotels on the Vegas Strip, you’ll get an incredible location AND get to use a fancy Vegas pool without having to pay for a resort fee (you can spend the money instead on those aforementioned boozy Dole Whips).

Pretty rad, right?

Woman sitting in the Jockey Club Las Vegas

With that, I hope you love the Jockey Club, Las Vegas’s best hidden gem, as much as I do. Do you have any questions about staying here? Let me know in the comments below!

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    • Hey there! The Jockey Club isn’t located inside of the Cosmopolitan- rather, the Cosmopolitan was built around it (you can directly reach the Cosmopolitan by taking an elevator from the lobby area of the Jockey Club). So you get easy access to the Cosmo, as well as staying in the heart of the Vegas Strip, but at a way lower cost. Hope that helps!

    • They sure do! Every room we’ve rented at the Jockey Club has had a full kitchen including a microwave, fridge, oven, cookware, utensils, and yes… even a coffeemaker 🙂

      Thanks for reading. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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