Mexico Packing List: A Complete Guide for Exactly What to Pack for Mexico

Mexico is a vibrant country, with endless activities to enjoy, from climbing up literal volcanos to cheering on a lucha libre match. With such an enormous array of experiences, it can be hard to know exactly what to include on your Mexico packing list. Have no fear, though- no matter where you’re headed in this incredible country, we’ve got you covered- here’s exactly what to pack for Mexico.

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List (Including Exactly What to Wear!)

Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, but with diverse landscapes and an endlessly changing environment, it can feel daunting to pack for the Land of Fire and Ice. But fear not- in the post below, we’re going to list exactly what to pack for Iceland, regardless of the season or whether you plan on living it up in Reykjavik or hiking in the backcountry of the Highlands.

The Ultimate Costa Rica Packing List: Everything You Need to Have the Best Time in Paradise

If you’re headed to Costa Rica, buckle up- between its lush rainforests, endless waterfalls, and pristine beaches, Costa Rica is a tropical paradise. But with such a dynamic range of activities, it can be challenging to know exactly what you should pack. But fear not- here’s the ultimate Costa Rica packing list, allowing you to explore jungles, hike up volcanoes, and live your best pura vida!

The Ultimate Backpacking Gear List for Beginners

There’s something that feels so organic and exciting about backcountry camping. It can, however, be confusing to know what you need to pack and overwhelming to figure out what kinds of equipment are actually worth your investment. But after countless hours watching YouTube videos, falling down camping blog blackholes, and lowkey stalking members of my local REI, I have crafted the perfect packing list for your first backcountry camping experience…

The Essential Hiking Road Trip Packing List

One of the most awesome things about road tripping is that, unlike air or even train travel, you can pack pretty much whatever your heart desires in the back of your car. But, given that freedom, it can be a little overwhelming and challenging to determine what things to pack that might make your road trip more comfortable and convenient and what might just wind up as useless clutter in an overflowing trunk…

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