12 Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park for All Skill Levels

Rocky Mountain is one of the most popular U.S. National Parks—and it’s not hard to see why! With jaw-dropping mountainscapes, alpine lakes, and bucket list-worthy hikes, there’s something in this park for any kind of adventure lover. But with 355 miles of hiking trails, it can be hard to know where to spend your time if you only have a day here. Here’s 12 of the best hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, from trails that are perfect for beginners to some of the most challenging adventures in the park.

Scout Lookout in Zion National Park: The Best Alternative to Angel’s Landing

Zion National Park has some iconic trails, including the harrowing Angel’s Landing, where you’ll hike along the narrow spine of a mountain whilst clinging to chains to prevent you from falling over 1,200 feet to the canyon floor below. If the thought of that makes your palms a bit too sweaty, not to fear—-there’s actually an awesome alternative, Scout Lookout, which takes you up to the same stunning viewpoint over the Zion Canyon that hikers completing Angel’s Landing climb to before continuing on their journey along the aforementioned sketchy ridgeline.  Here’s everything you need to know about hiking to Scout Lookout in Zion National Park, the best alternative to Angel’s Landing.

Lake Haiyaha Trail: The Best Hidden Gem in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is known for its beautiful mountainscapes, sweeping pine tree forests, and colorful alpine lakes. And lucky for you, you can actually experience all of these elements on one of the most underrated hikes in the national park! Here’s everything you need to know about the Lake Haiyaha Trail, the best hidden gem in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Indian Nose Hike: The Best Hike in Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is known for its jaw-dropping natural beauty, with its deep blue waters that sit in a bowl of lush mountains and volcanoes. But if you want to see the most breathtaking views of the lake, head to the summit of Indian Nose, a mountain peak that towers at a whopping 9,393 feet tall and offers jaw-dropping views of the sprawling lake and the towns that dot its shores. Here’s everything you need to know about hiking to Indian Nose, the best hike in Lake Atitlan.

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye’s Best Waterfall Hike

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is known for its dramatic landscapes, including jagged rock formations, rugged coastlines, and beautiful waterfalls. For one of the best hikes to immerse yourself in this ethereal scenery, head to the Fairy Pools, where you can explore a series of beautiful waterfalls that sit in the shadow of the Cuillin Mountains and even swim through its crystal clear, turquoise pools. So if you want to see this magical trail for yourself, here’s everything you need to know about the Fairy Pools, the Isle of Skye’s best waterfall hike. 

Mamquam Falls Trail: Squamish’s Most Underrated Hike

Canada’s British Columbia is full of natural beauty and the small town of Squamish, along the Sea to High Skyway, is no exception. Its Mamquam Falls Trail packs a LOT into a short and easy hike, with a lush rainforest, rushing river, and waterfall with shockingly turquoise water. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mamquam Falls Trail, one of Squamish’s most underrated hikes. 

9 Incredible Hikes in Malaga, Spain

Located along Spain’s southern coastline, Malaga is considered one of the country’s best beach destinations, thanks to its warm, sunny weather and stunning stretches of soft sand. But Malaga is so much more than that, offering a thriving arts scene, world-class museums, and some of the best hiking trails in Spain for all skill levels. So lace up those hiking boots and let’s hit the trail—here are the 9 best hikes in Malaga, Spain.

Castle Dome Trail in California’s Castle Crags State Park: Everything You Need to Know

Castle Crags State Park is one of Northern California’s best hidden gems, with rushing rivers, pine tree forests, and dramatic granite cliffs. The Castle Dome Trail is one of the best hikes through this alpine wonderland, taking you through an impossibly green forest up to a mountain ridge, which offers panoramic views of the park’s 6,000-foot tall granite cliffs and one of California’s tallest mountains, Mount Shasta. So lace up those hiking boots—here’s everything you need to know about the Castle Dome Trail.

Rubicon Trail: Lake Tahoe’s Best Hike

Lake Tahoe is an alpine wonderland, with snow-capped mountain peaks, dense pine tree forests, and, of course, the lake’s iconically blue, crystal clear waters. One of the best hikes to enjoy this incredible landscape is the Rubicon Trail, which leads you along the lake’s stunning shoreline, past dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, and stellar mountain views. Here’s everything you need to know about the Rubicon Trail, the best day hike in Lake Tahoe.

7 Best Larch Hikes in Washington

When you think of gorgeous fall foliage, you may not necessarily consider Washington state and its dense pine tree forests. But, come fall, something quite magical happens in Washington–its larch trees, a unique kind of conifer, turn stunning shades of blazing gold. If you want to see this autumn spectacle for yourself, here’s the 7 of the best larch hikes in Washington.

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