Banff in the Summer: 10 Epic Activities in the Canadian Rockies

Glacier-capped mountains. Turquoise lakes. A charming, yet rustic ski town nestled in the Rockies. Welcome to Banff, Canada- a town with otherworldly beauty and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, especially in the summertime. So pack your hiking boots and let’s hit the road- here’s 10 incredible things to do in Banff in the summer.

Vegan in Banff: A Guide for a Quick Getaway

Banff, Canada is growing as an ever-more popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with its out-of-this-world landscape of grand mountains and technicolor lakes. So if you, too, plan on visiting Banff for a long weekend, but aren’t sure of what your options will be like as a vegan in the land of poutine, fear not! There are some great vegan options in Banff and the surrounding cities to fuel you up for your hiking adventures and beyond.

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