Harvest Hosts Review: It’s Only Worth It For This Type of RVer

There are SO many different RVing memberships these days that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide what makes sense for your style of camping. One of the most popular RVing memberships is called Harvest Hosts, which allows you to stay overnight at local breweries, wineries, farms and more, in exchange for patronizing the business. Sounds like a sweet deal? It definitely is—but the program may not be for every RVer.  My husband, Justin, and I have stayed at dozens of Harvest Hosts over the last few years and are well-acquainted with the program’s benefits and drawbacks. Here’s an honest, non-sponsored Harvest Hosts review from someone who has personally used the program all over the country.

Review of the Safari Condo Alto F2114 Trailer: Six Things I Love and Six Things I Don’t

Are you thinking of purchasing a Safari Condo Alto F2114? Making the decision to buy an Alto is one of the most exciting choices I’ve ever made- but, given what a chunk it took out of our savings account, it’s also one of the scariest!  Wondering whether this trailer is worth the wait- and, more importantly, the price? Here’s my honest review of the Safari Condo Alto F2114 trailer.

The Best Trailer Lock: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy This Proven Industries Lock

If you’re the proud owner of a travel trailer, you know that security is a top concern. When your trailer is unhitched and unattended, the number one defense you’ll have against would-be crooks is a heavy duty coupler lock. If you’re looking for the most secure lock on the market to protect your home on wheels, look no further- here’s 5 reasons you need to buy this Proven Industries trailer lock.

RV Living Costs: What We Actually Spent during Two Months on the Road

Dreaming of full-timing in your RV? It’s an amazing way to travel- and can even be a more affordable lifestyle, as compared to a brick-and-mortar home. But living in your RV comes with additional costs you may not normally associate with your day-to-day life, like dumping holding tanks. So if you’re trying to figure out RV living costs, here’s exactly what I spent during two months on the road.

15 Best RVing Apps for 2024

Whether you’re going on a weekend camping trip or you’re full-timing in your rig, there’s a ton of different things to consider when you’re hitting the road in your RV- where are you going to camp? Will there be internet? Will the weather suck? Luckily, there’s tons of awesome apps to help you have the best camping experience possible, so here are the 15 best RVing apps for life on the road.

Buying a Trailer: 8 Things You Need to Consider Before Making the Leap

Thinking of buying a trailer? You’re not alone- RVing keeps getting more popular as people find new ways to explore their own backyards. But, with such a serious investment, the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly and there’s a ton of factors that will impact what model is right for you. So here’s 8 things to consider when buying a trailer to make sure you’re getting the perfect adventure mobile.

RVing with Dogs: 5 Tips to Help You Get on the Road With Your Best Friend

RVing is a fun and affordable way to travel, while still feeling more at home on the road. And one of the best parts about having a home on wheels is that you can bring your best furry friend with you! While pups make almost every situation better, RVing with dogs comes with its own unique challenges. But with these 5 tips for RVing with dogs, you and your pup will be hitting the road in no time!

Gifts for RVers: 20 Ideas that Your Favorite Camper Will Actually Use

If you’re looking to give a gift to an RVer, it’s an excellent idea to get something practical. What could be better than a present that fuels their future RVing adventures for years to come? So if you’re looking to give a special camper in your life something awesome this year, here’s 20 practical gifts for RVers they’ll actually use while they’re out on the road.

4 Reasons Why Campers Under 3000 lbs are Awesome (plus 5 Options to Consider!)

When trying to find the perfect camper, there’s tons of factors to consider, including its weight. Campers can be extremely heavy, which may limit aspects of how you can RV. Finding the right lightweight one will afford you much more flexibility- – so, if you’re in the market, here’s 4 reasons campers under 3000 lbs are an awesome choice- plus several different options for you to consider!

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