7 Best Larch Hikes in Washington

When you think of gorgeous fall foliage, you may not necessarily consider Washington state and its dense pine tree forests. But, come fall, something quite magical happens in Washington–its larch trees, a unique kind of conifer, turn stunning shades of blazing gold. If you want to see this autumn spectacle for yourself, here’s the 7 of the best larch hikes in Washington.

3 Best Hikes to See Larches in the North Cascades of Washington

Every autumn, something magical happens in North Cascades in Washington—its larches, a unique type of coniferous alpine tree, turn vibrant shades of gold. Sounds like an autumn lover’s dream come true? It totally is! If you want to see one of the most unique displays of fall foliage on the planet, here’s three incredible hikes to see larches in the North Cascades. 

The 3 Incredible Washington National Parks: A Complete Guide for 2024

Most people know that Washington offers epic scenery, from some of the most dramatic mountainscapes on the planet to lush rainforests and rugged coastline. So it should be no surprise that three incredible national parks are found within its footprint; in fact, it’s tied for fifth as the state with the most national parks! Here’s everything you need to know about Olympic, Mount Rainier, and North Cascades, the three amazing Washington national parks. 

Cutthroat Pass Trail: The North Cascades’ Most Underrated Gem

The North Cascades in Washington state are fantastically gorgeous, with some of the most dramatic mountainscapes and best hiking opportunities on the planet. The Cutthroat Pass Trail is no exception, taking you past a beautiful lake and up to the ridge of a mountain, with dazzling views of the surrounding Cascades. So lace up those hiking boots- here’s everything you need to know about the Cutthroat Pass Trail. 

Heather Maple Pass Loop: Washington State’s Most Colorful Hike

With spectacular views of wildflowers, turquoise alpine lakes, and a sea of mountain peaks encircling the trail, Heather Maple Pass Loop in the North Cascades is the perfect introduction to Washington’s rugged and impossibly colorful beauty. If you’re ready for your next Pacific Northwest adventure, lace up those hiking boots- here’s everything you need to know about Heather Maple Pass Loop.

Skyline Divide: The Most Beautiful Day Hike (or Backpacking Trip!) in the North Cascades

Fields of wildflowers. Panoramic mountain vistas. Sweeping valleys. Sound like something out of The Sound of Music? The Skyline Divide trail in the Northern Cascades of Washington offers all of these breathtaking features- and more. So pack up the car and don’t forget your hiking boots- here’s everything you need to know about the Skyline Divide, Washington’s best day-hike (or backpacking trip!).

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