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Blue Falls of Costa Rica: Central America’s Best Hidden Gem

Costa Rica is known for its incredible waterfalls, but did you know that one of its most stunning waterfalls remains a hidden gem? The Blue Falls of Costa Rica feature two jaw-dropping cascades, with electric blue and emerald water, that’s perfect for cooling off under the hot sun. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the Blue Falls of Costa Rica, an unmissable hidden gem.

Best La Fortuna Chocolate Tours for Ecoconscious Travelers

La Fortuna offers much more than just being Costa Rica’s adventure capital, like its thriving chocolate farms. But with so many chocolate tours to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down which ones are worth your time- and money. Here are three of the best La Fortuna chocolate tours for eco-conscious travelers.

Cenote Azul Bacalar: Everything You Need to Know

Bacalar, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is known for its famed Lagoon of Seven Colors, varying from turquoise to a dark indigo. And the town’s Cenote Azul, which borders the lagoon, is no exception, with jaw-dropping dark blue waters, just waiting for you to dive in.

Here’s everything you need to know about the stunning Cenote Azul Bacalar.

Cenote Yokdzonot: The Yucatan Peninsula’s Best Hidden Gem

Cenote Yokdzonot is one of the best hidden gems in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, offering a dreamy place to cool off less than half an hour from Chichen Itza. Beyond its otherworldly beauty, this locally-owned and operated cenote offers all kinds of activities besides just swimming, from ziplining to rappelling down into its crystal clear waters.

Los Rapidos Bacalar: Everything You Need to Know

Bacalar, Mexico is home to one of the Yucatan’s most unique and fun activities- Los Rapidos, Bacalar’s very own natural lazy river. If spending the day being effortlessly carried down a river of warm, turquoise water while palm trees sway overhead sounds like a good time to you, here’s everything you need about Los Rapidos Bacalar.

Mexico Packing List: A Complete Guide for Exactly What to Pack for Mexico

Mexico is a vibrant country, with endless activities to enjoy, from climbing up literal volcanos to cheering on a lucha libre match. With such an enormous array of experiences, it can be hard to know exactly what to include on your Mexico packing list. Have no fear, though- no matter where you’re headed in this incredible country, we’ve got you covered- here’s exactly what to pack for Mexico.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Bacalar, Mexico and its Lagoon of 7 Colors

Bacalar is a pueblo magico in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, just 215 miles southwest of Cancun. It’s known for its Lagoon of 7 Colors, a stunning freshwater lagoon with shockingly turquoise waters and endless opportunities to cool off under the Mexican sun. Here’s 10 incredible things to do in Bacalar, Mexico to add to your bucket list.

6 Jaw-Dropping Beaches in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to countless stunning beaches and the city of Manuel Antonio, along its Pacific coastline, is no exception. While it’s mostly known for its lush rainforest and incredible wildlife, it also is home to several beaches with soft white sand, swaying palm trees, and a playful monkey or two. Here are 6 incredible beaches in Manuel Antonio to add to your Costa Rica bucket list.

8 Amazing Things to Do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

When you think of Costa Rica, you probably imagine a lush rainforest, teeming with monkeys, sloths, and other jungle creatures. Manuel Antonio, a small town along Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, offers all that- plus stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters. If you’re looking for your next tropical getaway, here are 8 amazing things to do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

10 Best Cenotes Near Tulum: A Complete Guide

Tulum is renowned for its laid back vibes, white sand beaches, and, of course, the picturesque cenotes that dot its jungles. But with 6,000 cenotes in the Yucatán, it can feel impossible to narrow down which ones are worth exploring. Good news, though- Tulum’s got some of the most gorgeous and unique cenotes in the Riviera Maya. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the best cenotes in Tulum.

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