18 Best Places to Visit in California During Winter

California in winter is quite dynamic, offering getaways ranging from snow-capped mountains and pine tree forests to white sand beaches lined with palm trees. So whether you’re looking for a skier’s paradise or a beach vacation, the Golden State has the perfect destination for you, just waiting to be explored. Here are the 18 best places to visit in California during winter.

10 Best Hikes in the Redwoods – The Tallest Living Things to EVER Exist!

There’s something so magical about the enormous redwood trees of northern California- with their prehistoric-looking bark and eye-popping height, walking underneath their impossibly high branches makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into Jurassic Park. If you’re visiting the tallest trees on earth, lace up your hiking boots- here’s ten of the best hikes in the redwoods of Northern California.

Things to Do in Death Valley: 11 Incredible Places to Explore

Death Valley National Park offers some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet and is a not-to-be-missed stop during any trip to California. But with the park’s footprint spanning 3,000 square miles, it can be challenging to figure out the best things to see and do in the park. So if you’re planning a visit to this underrated gem, here’s 11 incredible things to do in Death Valley.

Crab Cooker Hot Spring: The Most Stunning Hot Spring in Mammoth Lakes

Crab Cooker Hot Spring is an incredible hot spring in Mammoth Lakes, California, offering steamy waters to soak in while gazing at mountain vistas- and best of all, it’s totally free! If you find yourself in Southern California, make sure to plan a pitstop here and follow the tips that I share in this post to make your visit at Crab Cooker Hot Spring as epic as possible!

Alabama Hills Camping: Everything You Need to Know

Camping in the Alabama Hills is an incredible experience- the landscape is gorgeous, with huge rock formations jutting out of the earth with the Sierra Nevada towering in the distance. And, best of all, camping here can be completely free! Keep reading this post for everything you need to know about Alabama Hills camping- from how to pick a campsite to everything you need to pack to make your experience as epic as possible.

5 Incredible Hot Springs in Mammoth Lakes, California: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for the best hot springs in Mammoth Lakes, California? Lucky for you, Mammoth Lakes, a cozy ski town, set against the gorgeous eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, is packed with beautiful natural hot springs. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the most incredible hot springs in Mammoth Lakes, from where to find them to tips to make the most of your visit!

Weekend in Palm Springs: A Complete Guide 

Palm Springs is a bit of a quirky destination- think “retro resort chic” meets “desert hippie”, with just a dash of “pool party” thrown in for good measure. If you are planning a weekend in Palm Springs, here is a complete guide on making the most of your trip to this funky town, from where to stay, what to pack, and the off-beat sites that are absolutely worth your limited time.

Vegan in Palm Springs: A Weekend Guide

Headed to Palm Springs, California for the weekend, but not sure where to eat? Not to worry- there are some fantastic places to score vegan food in this desert oasis, from artisanal ice cream to a deli cranking out some of the best house-made plant-based “meats” on the planet. Here’s my guide to having a weekend full of absolutely delicious vegan eats in Palm Springs.

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