Gifts for Outdoorsy Women: 30 Practical Ideas She’ll Actually Use

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More and more women these days are getting into outdoor activities, given they go hand-in-hand with stellar views, awesome exercise, and sometimes even life-changing experiences. So if you’re looking for gifts for outdoorsy women, there’s few better things than supporting her love of nature- instead of just giving her a physical object that collects dust on a shelf, you’ll be directly playing a part in fueling her adventures for years to come.

I say this all from personal experience- I love all things outdoorsy, from hiking to kayaking and RVing and have a plethora of lady friends that enjoy getting their boots muddy as well. So with that in mind, here’s 30 ideas of practical gifts for outdoorsy women that she’ll actually use.

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If you’re looking for a smaller or more affordable gift, here’s some stocking stuffer ideas that will actually be useful to your favorite outdoorswoman:

1. Water purifier:

For anyone interested in backpacking or thru hiking, they’ll need a reliable water filtration system they can take on the trail to make sure they have a continuous supply of clean water.

With the Sawyer Squeeze, you get a lightweight device (only 3 ounces!) that’s super simple to use, but still removes 99.9999% of all bacteria and protozoa and 100% of all microplastics found in the water. This little baby fits in the palm of your hand and yet is still rated to filter up to 100,000 gallons of water. Pretty cool, huh?

2. Hiking socks:

Did you know that, in order to be an Official Hiking Girl, you are legally required to wear some kind of cutely colored hiking socks over your yoga pants when you hit the trail? I kid, but anyone who has been on a hike recently can confirm that socks are undeniably an essential part to every hiking ensemble.

And, of course, more importantly, they’ll be cushioning your loved ones’ feet as they hike for miles and miles. Check out these socks by Merrell- I’ve had a great experience with the brand and I love those earthy tones!

Women's feet out of a tent along the Skyline Divide trail in Washington

3. Dehydrated meals:

For hiking, backpacking, or thru hiking  trips, they’ll want to pack light-weight, shelf-stable food that won’t be crushed in a backpack. For full-blown meals, some of the dehydrated pre-packaged meals are not only convenient (you can just make the meal in the pouch as opposed to having to clean off food residue off pots, which can be challenging in the wilderness), but also downright tasty! Check out this one, this one, and this one.

4. Hand warmers:

Have you ever woken up in a tent on top of a mountain somewhere to go watch sunrise?

If no, first of all, what are you doing- GO DO IT!

Second of all, it gets pretty chilly up there- and really anywhere at high elevations in the early morning or at night, regardless of the season.

So whether it’s for sunrise hikes or to warm up in your tent at night, hand warmers are a wonderful little treat for chilly situations. To be kinder to the planet, I prefer reusable hand warmers rather than disposable ones, like this one (which can also be used as a power bank to charge cell phones or other electronic devices!) or this one (super lightweight and lasts a whopping nine hours on average!).

5. Headlamp:

Whether she’s going for a run at sunset, doing a hike to see sunrise, or looking around her tent at night, headlamps are freaking magical, allowing a hands-free way to light up dark spaces (especially handy when you’re hiking right by steep, scary mountain ridges!).

I have this rechargeable headlamp, which I absolutely adore- they come in a pack of two, I never have to worry about carrying around extra batteries, and it helps me take super rad photos at night. 

Woman wearing a headlamp and stargazing in Zion National Park

6. Microspikes:

For outdoorsy ladies like me, the wintertime can be a bit sad- most of our favorite high elevation hikes are dumped on with snow and often stay this way until early to mid-summer.

But have no fear- we have handy dandy microspokes to the rescue! If you’re not familiar with them, microspikes are tiny spikes that can be easily and quickly stretched over almost all hiking boots, which offer you much greater traction and stability in the ice and snow.

While they don’t allow you to hike in all winter conditions, like super deep powder (that’s where snowshoes come in), they’re helpful when snowpack becomes icy or there’s a thin layer of snow- check out these ones

7. Adventure mug:

Looking for a slightly less practical gift? If you want something that’s not all utilitarian, what could be better than an Instagrammable adventure-themed mug, just waiting to be sipped out of as she sits by the campfire?

There are so many cute options out there- consider this mountain-clad “Let’s Take a Trip” one, “The Mountains are Calling” one, or for a lady in an outdoorsy couple, this personalized “Adventuring Together” one.

8. Instant coffee:

And what’s more perfect to go with her adorable new mug than trail-ready instant coffee? Now, if you’re thinking “doesn’t instant coffee usually suck?”, you’re right- it usually does. These days, though, there’s some really tasty instant coffee that’s perfect to take on camping or hiking trips.

I’m pretty snobby about the coffee I drink and still think the brand, Alpine Start, makes some delicious instant coffee. And if you want to get really crazy? Pick up some of their instant dirty chai packets

Couple drinking coffee at sunrise over Mount Hood

9. Renee Roaming book:

Fun (completely made up) fact- 100% of outdoorsy women LOVE Renee Roaming, a photographer, hiking enthusiast, and content creator, who takes breathtaking photos that’ll make you want to get off the couch and go scale the closest mountain.

Renee gained immense popularity when she and her husband lived in a campervan for a year, visiting, photographing, and writing guides about each U.S. National Park for a book, Roaming America. Unsurprisingly, this book is filled with dreamy photographs of all of the diverse and incredible landscapes packed within this sprawling country and will fill any outdoor lover’s heart with wanderlust. 


Does the outdoorsy woman in your life enjoy hitting the ol’ dusty trail? Me too! Here’s some things that I know a woman after my own heart would love. 

10. Packable backpack:

While not universally true, lots of outdoorsy women also love travel- I mean, what could possibly be better than experiencing nature in a whole new state, country, or even continent?

But packing her hiking and camping stuff for a trip can be challenging, given the limited luggage real estate airlines allow travelers these days. Thankfully, packable backpacks are a thing, and something that every hiker and traveler (and especially traveler-hikers) should have. They quickly tuck into a packable little pouch that takes up very little space and can easily be unfolded to be taken out, whether on the streets of the city or more importantly, out on the trails. Check out this one– Osprey makes fantastic hiking bags. 

Woman hiking along the Margaret's Way hike in Washington

11. Camping chair:

Camping chairs are items that you use time and time again- around campfires, on the beach, and at campsites. It’s not an exaggeration to say I use my camp chair almost every weekend! And while most people have a cheap $5 camping chair from Home Depot or Walgreens, wouldn’t it be awesome to instead have one that was actually comfortable?

Give her the gift of comfort and not terrible posture around the campfire this season- this camp chair has awesome reviews, looks great, and is super lightweight.

12. Hiking poles:

From rocky trails to steep descents and icy paths, hiking poles can come in handy in a variety of situations, providing stability and balance when you need it the most. And yet, most beginner and even intermediate hikers don’t have any! Black Diamond makes excellent products, including these carbon cork poles

13. U.S. National Park Pass:

The U.S. National Park System is so beloved for a reason- it offers spectacular landscapes and literally endless opportunities for every kind of outdoor adventure imaginable.

To visit one of the national parks for a week, it will usually cost anywhere from $25-30 for a single car pass. However, if you’ve read any of our National Park guides, you probably already know that you can pick up this magical little card called the America the Beautiful Pass, an annual pass that costs just $80 and gets you into a whopping 2,000 U.S. national parks, forests, shorelines (and on and on).

The proceeds support the National Park Service and if your friend or loved one plans on going to at least three National Parks in the next year, there’d seriously be no better gift than this. You can either pick one up here, at your local REI, or at most staffed entrance stations at U.S. National Parks.

Woman standing in front of sea stacks along Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park at sunset

14. Bear spray:

Okay, so let’s say she wants to go camping at one of those national parks with her handy dandy new America the Beautiful pass? Fun fact: more than half of the U.S. National Parks have black, grizzly, or even polar bears that live there (guess which state the polar bears are in!).

As such, hikers and campers have to be prepared for bear encounters, like with bear spray. It’s similar to pepper spray and it is meant to deter (but not hurt) bears, allowing the sprayer to escape any close run-ins with bears. I take my bear spray with me literally every time I go hiking, so this will definitely be a gift that will go to good use!

15. Bear canister:

Let’s stick with the bear theme- backpackers in many parts of the world will need to bring a bear canister with them, which protects your food from being eaten by a bear when you’re in the backcountry. Equally as important, this product protects the bears as well-  when bears start associating humans with the food they find, rangers may unfortunately have to put a bear down to protect the people visiting the park.

So be a friend to Smokey and get a bear canister- many popular national parks, like the Grand Tetons or the Olympics  have restrictions on what kind you can use there, but Bear Vault is a widely-accepted brand.

16. Hiking sandals:

Okay, up next is another universally beloved item- not only for outdoorsy women, but also outdoorsy men as well… Chacos and Tevas.

If you’re not familiar, Chacos and Tevas are two of the most popular brands of hiking sandals, many of which are crafted with Vibram soles for awesome traction and support on the trail but can just as easily be used as water shoes, for rafting or kayaking trips.

They’re so popular in the outdoor crowd that it’s pretty common to see them worn not just in outdoor settings, but at breweries, concerts, and around the city as well. There’s diehard Tevas fans and others that swear by Chacos… I’ll let you decide.

Woman wearing Tevas in Rio Celeste

17. Two-person tent:

Is she interested in backpacking? If so, she’ll need a great tent. I have this one that’s perfect for one to two people and absolutely love it.

The doors are huge and gives you a great view outside the tent; the vestibules (i.e., the space created between the actual tent frame and the fly, which essentially acts as a “mudroom” before entering the tent) are really roomy and perfect for leaving bulky backpacks and boots at night without having to worry about inclement weather; and it’s super easy to pitch and take down. Even the color scheme is awesome (total Wes Anderson vibes, right?).

Couple sitting in a two-person tent

18. Sleeping bag blanket:

Confession: there have been times where I have just wanted to wear my cozy, warm sleeping bag like a giant sack dress, from sitting around a campfire on a particularly chilly night to waiting for the sun to rise outside of my tent.

Given that sleeping bags are not, you know, intended to be worn, it’s not exactly a practical solution when you’re enjoying the outdoors. But now, you can give the outdoorsy lady in your life the next best thing- a sleeping bag blanket! Rumpl makes lightweight blankets that have the warmth and the feel of a sleeping bag that are 100% made out of post-consumer recycled materials. Not only are they water- and odor-resistant, but more importantly, they come with a cape clip, so you can, yup, wear it like a cape. Check it out here

19. Backpacking chair:

If you’ve never been backpacking, there’s one kind of awkward problem about it- you hike up to the top of some incredibly beautiful mountain, pitch your tent… and then, ultimately, have nowhere to sit to look off of said beautiful mountain!

Lo and behold, there’s a solution for that- backpacking chairs that are super light and pack down to the size of a water bottle so you don’t have to give up backpack space. I have this one and love it!

Couple sitting around a campfire on Shi Shi Beach


Looking to give her something she can wear on her next adventure? Consider: 

20. Fleece zip-up:

Fleecy zip-ups are just rad- she can wear them to a chilly movie theater, while she’s kayaking in a glacier-filled lagoon in Iceland, or just walking her dog in the park. As an outdoorsy woman, I can confirm that I wear my fleece zip up all the time- check this one out. 

Woman standing by Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

21. Carhartt beanie:

How Carhartt went from being solely worn by truck-drivers and construction workers to the brand of choice for van life Tik Tokers and every female hiker content creator out there, I don’t quite understand. But their beanies are cute and well-made- pick one up here

22. Gaiters:

Remember when I talked above about hiking in the ice and snow? Well, walking in snow any more than a few inches deep, your socks and calves wind up getting covered in powder- and thus, absolutely freezing.

Gaiters eliminate this issue, offering waterproof and windproof protection from icy water running down her legs, whether she’s tearing it up on the slopes, snowshoeing, or hiking through deep snow. I’m buying myself a pair of these for Christmas.


Does she love the water? Since moving to Seattle, I’ve met more girlfriends than I care to admit who are self-proclaimed “water babies” and, odd self-proclamations aside, I think a fondness of all things water activities is fairly common amongst the outdoorsy lady crowd.

If so, I think she’d love: 

23. Inflatable kayak or SUP:

You know what’s cooler than hiking up to an alpine lake? Being able to pack your kayak literally in your backpack and taking it out on said alpine lake!

I got an inflatable kayak this year and it’s totally changed the game (if you want to learn more, check out my review of the Intex Explorer K2 kayak)- I could easily pack my kayak away for a quick day-trip with friends, in my husband’s and my car for a road trip, or, yup, even in my backpack to take on a hike. Like, I said- Game. Changer. Check out this inflatable kayak by Intex (the sister kayak to mine!).

Woman kayaking in Mount Rainier National Park

Stand-up paddle boards (or SUPs) are also super popular with outdoorsy women. They are usually a bit heavier than kayaks, so while she might not be able to carry one in her backpack, an inflatable SUP is much lighter (and affordable) than a standard one, and has many of the same benefits of the inflatable kayak. I have my eye on this one from Atoll

24. Wetsuit shirt:

Women often run a bit cold and nothing makes you feel more freezing than jumping in some chilly water. If she has the opportunity to get in the water, whether from rafting, kayaking, or SUPing, a wetsuit shirt is awesome- it offers protection from the sun and will keep her toasty warm even in cool water. Check out this one and this one

25. Dry bag:

I’m going to make a bold statement- my dry bag may just be the most versatile outdoorsy item I own. I take it with me on kayaking trips and hot springs to protect my electronics from water damage, use it as a food bag to tie up in trees to deter bears while backpacking, and even as a mini cooler for trips to the beach. If she’s an adventurous lady as well, I guarantee she’ll find all kinds of handy uses for it too- I have this affordable one which has straps so I can wear it like a backpack too and I couldn’t love it more.


Looking to get her some gadgets? There’s all kinds of neat gear that can help her get her adventure on:

26. GoPro:

This little camera is perfect so she can capture her memories, whether she’s catching a wave, cruising down a ski run, scuba diving with sharks, or climbing Mount Everest. Not only is it waterproof (down to 33 feet), but it’s also small, incredibly lightweight, and versatile enough to capture both epic photos and her next TikTok.

27. Garmin beacon:

Looking for something a bit more practical? If she’s into doing anything off-grid (think backcountry camping, skiing, snowshoeing, whatever), it’s important that safety is always top priority and that she has an emergency device in case she ever gets lost, injured, or has an emergency in the wilderness.

This mini Garmin satellite communicator weighs just slightly over four ounces and yet, offers two-way messaging, tracking, and SOS capabilities, even without cell signal (note that a satellite subscription is required).

Having peace of mind that she’s not going to wind up like James Franco in that one movie where he got trapped in a slot canyon and had to saw his own arm off? Priceless.

28. Battery pack:

Regardless of what kind of activities she’s into, if she’s a lady on the go, there’s nothing more handy than a solid battery pack to charge her electronic devices wherever, whenever, whether it’s a phone, headlamp, new rechargeable hand warmer… the skies the limit!

Battery packs can also be used in a wide variety of settings, like if she’s going to be walking around a city all day or has a long travel day planned. I’m pretty passionate about how valuable battery packs are, so if she doesn’t have one, bridge that gap.

I’ve had this model for four years (and it’s been with me to 20 countries!) and it’s still one of my best purchases ever. It’s so good, in fact, that we just bought a second one that’s dedicated to our trailer. 

29. Peak Design tripod:

This is a gross overgeneralization, but here goes- lots of outdoorsy women are also photography enthusiasts. And what goes better with outdoor photography than an easily packable, super lightweight, multifunctional tripod? Dare I say, nothing!

Sony a7iii mounted on Peak Design tripod

If she’s a shutterbug and likes capturing photos (especially if she tends to go on adventures solo), getting her an awesome tripod will lead to countless photos that would have frankly been impossible without it.

I have the Peak Design Tripod and am obsessed- it’s about the diameter of a water bottle when collapsed and has all kinds of cool functionality, like a built-in mobile phone mount that stows away when not in use. Pretty neat, huh?

Whether she’s shooting with a multi-thousand dollar camera setup, or an old iPhone, it’s not an exaggeration to say that having a tripod with her will completely elevate her photography.

Woman sitting on the shores of Blue Lake, surrounded by larches
Photo taken by my Peak Design tripod on a solo hiking adventure. Thanks for the assist, dude!

30. Peak Design capture clip:

One final suggestion if she’s a photography enthusiast.

There’s not a ton of great solutions for where to stow your camera if you want your hands free, but your camera readily accessible, especially while you’re engaging in some kind of physical activity. Until recently, the most prevalent option was to simply use a neck strap, where you have the weight of a camera (which can be quite heavy, depending on what body and lens you’re using) simply hanging off your neck.

But with the Peak Design capture clip, you can simply clip your camera on anywhere, like your belt or your backpack strap, and, with the literal press of a button, be able to easily grab your camera to snap a picture when the opportunity arises. Is it overkill to call two things within the same post a game changer?

Maybe, but I’m gonna call a spade a spade. Game. Changer.

Woman wearing a Peak Design capture clip

I know I didn’t cover gifts for every kind of outdoorsy woman (apologies to my rock-climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding sisters out there), but I hope at least this got your creative gift giving juices aflowing. Are there any awesome gifts for outdoorsy ladies I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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