Vegan in Banff: A Guide for a Quick Getaway

Banff, Canada is growing as an ever-more popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with its out-of-this-world landscape of grand mountains and technicolor lakes. So if you, too, plan on visiting Banff for a long weekend, but aren’t sure of what your options will be like as a vegan in the land of poutine, fear not! There are some great vegan options in Banff and the surrounding cities to fuel you up for your hiking adventures and beyond.

Vegan in Palm Springs: A Weekend Guide

Headed to Palm Springs, California for the weekend, but not sure where to eat? Not to worry- there are some fantastic places to score vegan food in this desert oasis, from artisanal ice cream to a deli cranking out some of the best house-made plant-based “meats” on the planet. Here’s my guide to having a weekend full of absolutely delicious vegan eats in Palm Springs.

Vegan in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a charming town on the Central coast of Vietnam and is renowned for its gorgeous historic architecture, chilled out beach vibes, and mouthwatering street food. Vietnam is a long, mountainous country and each region has its own distinctive ingredients, flavors, and dishes. Specifically, central Vietnam is known for its coconut coffee, banh mi, and cao lầu, a pork and noodle dish. While these dishes traditionally contain meat and other animal products, vegan travelers, like me and my husband, will delight in the myriad of options of these traditional dishes on seemingly every lanterned street corner here.

Vegan Guide to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If you’re traveling in Vietnam, there’s a pretty good chance that Ho Chi Minh City (called by its former name, Saigon, by locals) will be your starting off point. And what a way to be introduced to the country- from the never-ending streams of scooters hurtling at you from every direction to the endless aromas wafting from street vendors, Ho Chi Minh City is a LOT to take in. Many travelers overlook Ho Chi Minh City as simply a springboard for their adventures throughout Vietnam, but, in my opinion, this is a gross oversight. Ho Chi Minh City is a fascinating and rapidly evolving metropolis, with ancient temples interspersed with technology superstores, just begging to be explored…

Vegan Guide to Tulum, Mexico

If you’ve ever opened Instagram, you’re sure to have seen shots of influencers flouncing around Tulum, Mexico, a chilled-out town in the Yucatan peninsula with miles of white sand beaches, dense tropical jungles, and a lively downtown area. Located about an hour and a half south of Cancun, Tulum has a distinctive New Agey-vibe; you’re just as likely to stumble upon a yoga studio or chakra massage parlor as you are to find a stand selling piping hot churros…

5 Places to Eat Vegan on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

While the Vegas Strip has its own time and place, I definitely am more of a fan of Fremont Street and the area surrounding it, commonly referred to as downtown Las Vegas. Full of neon signs oozing kitschy Old Vegas charm and jaw-dropping street art, Fremont Street is the beating heart of Las Vegas’s arts scene…

Vegan Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is like a fairy tale city- cobblestone streets, bridges that arch over the gentle canals bustling with a never ending stream of passenger boats, and row upon rows of canal houses, straight out of Hans Christian Andersen’s imagination…

Vegan Guide to Sedona

Sedona is renowned for its red rock canyons, stunning geological formations that tower over the small city (home to 10,000 residents), just begging to be explored…

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