18 Best Places to Visit in California During Winter

California in winter is quite dynamic, offering getaways ranging from snow-capped mountains and pine tree forests to white sand beaches lined with palm trees. So whether you’re looking for a skier’s paradise or a beach vacation, the Golden State has the perfect destination for you, just waiting to be explored. Here are the 18 best places to visit in California during winter.

15 Incredible Things to do in Hood River, Oregon’s Four-Season Paradise

Hood River is one of the most charming towns in Oregon and offers endless outdoor adventures, thanks to its location along the Columbia River Gorge and proximity to Mount Hood. From exploring quaint orchards to snowboarding on the tallest mountain in the state, there’s tons of activities to enjoy. Check out our guide for 15 awesome things to do in Hood River, Oregon!

The 3 Best Captain Cook Snorkel Tours for Eco-Conscious Travelers

For the best snorkeling on the Big Island, Kealakekua Bay, in the town of Captain Cook, offers a coral reef absolutely teeming with wildlife. Taking a tour is an awesome way to find the best snorkeling spots and learn about the bay’s wildlife. If you want a tour operator that cares for and protects this special place, here’s 3 of the best Captain Cook snorkel tours for exploring Kealakekua Bay.

Enchanted Valley: Olympic National Park’s Most Epic Backpacking Trip

The Enchanted Valley trail offers lush rainforests, towering mountains, and an iconic chalet, nestled in a stunning valley. While the Enchanted Valley is no doubt gorgeous, there is a LOT you need to know before you hit the trail, from backpacking permits to black bears. So here’s everything you need to know about the Enchanted Valley, Olympic National Park’s best backpacking trip.

Snorkeling at Captain Cook: Everything You Need to Know About The Best Snorkeling on the Big Island

One of the best spots to snorkel in the entire state of Hawaii is located along the west coast of the Big Island, in Kealakekua Bay, near the town of Captain Cook. For the most extraordinary snorkeling here, though, you’ll have to work a bit, either by hiking a challenging trail or arriving by boat. Up for the challenge? Here’s everything you need to know about snorkeling at Captain Cook.

Kona vs. Hilo- Where Should You Stay?

When you’re planning a Big Island trip, the question on every traveler’s mind is “should I stay in Hilo or Kona?” These two towns, on opposite sides of the island, offer unique vibes that are better suited for different kinds of travelers. After spending several days in both of these cities, I’m breaking down everything you need to know about choosing Kona or Hilo as your Big Island home base.

Lake 22 Trail: Everything You Need to Know About This Classic Washington Hike

Lake 22 is one of the most classic day hikes in the Pacific Northwest, taking you through a lush old-growth rainforest, past stunning views of the Cascades to an alpine lake surrounded by rugged cliffs. And extra bonus? It’s only a little over an hour outside of Seattle. Sound like a dream come true? Here’s everything you need to know about the Lake 22 trail.

Green Sand Beach: The Big Island’s Most Unique Beach

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to one of only four green beaches on the planet- Papakōlea Beach. While this beach is inarguably bucketlist worthy, you’ll have to work to enjoy its colorful shores, by making a 2.9 miles trek one-way down the rugged coastline. Here’s everything you need to know about the Green Sand Beach, the Big Island’s most unique beach.

Mauna Kea Hike: Everything You Need to Know About Hiking the Tallest Mountain in the World

The Big Island of Hawaii is full of incredible activities, from snorkeling with manta rays to watching an erupting volcano. But for a truly epic Big Island adventure, the Mauna Kea hike will lead you up what is technically the world’s tallest mountain, for jaw-dropping views above the clouds. So lace up those hiking boots- here’s everything you need to know to about the Mauna Kea hike.

Sunbeam Hot Springs: Explore These Gorgeous Natural Springs in Stanley, Idaho

Sunbeam Hot Springs are some of the most gorgeous hot springs in Idaho, located in a rushing river of crystal clear water and surrounded by rolling hills of pine trees. And besides being jaw-droppingly gorgeous, Sunbeam is also one of the most accessible hot springs in the state. So pack up the car and let’s hit the road- here’s everything you need to know about visiting Sunbeam Hot Springs.

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