Gifts for RVers: 20 Ideas that Your Favorite Camper Will Actually Use

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If you’re looking for gifts for RVers, it’s an excellent idea to give them something practical- as a teardrop trailer enthusiast myself, I’d so much rather get a thoughtful present that I can use out on the road in my RV rather than more “standard” gifts, like jewelry or candles.

While candles are awesome and all, nothing is better than the gift of fueling an RVer’s future adventures, exploring the world.

So if you’re looking to give a special camper in your life something awesome this year, here’s 20 practical gifts for RVers they’ll actually use while they’re out on the road. 

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Looking for a smaller or more affordable gift? Here’s some ideas that all start at or under $30:

1. Personalized RV Welcome Mats:

Before we bought our trailer, I would have never guessed how hard it is to keep the floor clean inside an RV- after contantly jumping back and forth between being outside and inside your tiny home on wheels, you have to be really diligent about wiping off your shoes and taking them off as soon as you enter.

So what can help with this issue and make your RV look straight-up adorable? Well, a handy-dandy personalized welcome mat, of course! I’m always envious of other RVers at campgrounds whose trailers look cute and homey and these little mats would certainly do the trick.

And bonus- many of them also have RVing puns on them, like this “This is How We Roll” one, this “Home is Where You Park It” one, or, my personal fave, this “We Sleep Around” one (while obviously hysterical, note that this one is above the stocking stuffer price threshold).

The prices for the mats listed above may increase, depending on the size and customization of each one, so depending on what you choose, it can certainly go well above the $30 threshold.

2. Metal Wine Glasses:

Fact: items in an RV, including dishes and glassware, rattle around A LOT while you’re driving from place to place, which can make lugging around delicate items, like wine glasses, a bit risky.

So instead of possibly having some broken glass in your cabinet or foregoing glassware altogether, consider, instead, giving the gift of reliable and sturdy metal wine glasses. In addition to being incredibly durable, these tumblers are also stemless and therefore, more compact to store, which is important for the tiny footprint of almost all RVs. 

3. U.S. National Parks Scratch Off Map:

There are few things more universally beloved in the United States than the National Park system- this incredible collection of parks captures the most beautiful and diverse landscapes of this sprawling country.

And better yet, they’re perfect for RV travel, with almost all of them offering campgrounds and countless outdoor adventures just waiting to be had. So if your RVing loved one is trying to catch ‘em all, why not give them an awesome way to visualize their progress and their National Park memories all in one go?

This U.S. National Parks scratch-off map is the perfect memento for their adventures- depending on what kind of RV they have, they could even hang it up in their rig to be scratched off in real time!

Camping right outside of Glacier National Park, our 35th national park!

4. RVing Christmas Ornament:

While slightly less practical than other items on this list, if you’re looking for a gift around the holidays, any (Christmas-celebrating) RVing enthusiast will be psyched to commemorate their love for all things camping, on their tree.

Even cooler, there are so many customizable options out there, so you can pick an ornament that not only matches their preferred mode of recreational vehicle, but also even personalize it with their name! Plus, most of them are created by artists and craftspeople, so your purchase will be supporting a small business. Win-win, amirite?

As an owner of a travel trailer, this one and this one call to my heart, this one would be perfect for RVers with dogs, and this one is made for your favorite vanlifer. 

Couple standing in front of an RV

5. RVing-themed Mugs:

Sticking with the drinkware theme, why not give your favorite RVer something they can use everyday, like a mug, that reminds them of the adventures waiting for them on the road every time they take a sip of their morning coffee?

There are so many adorable and Instagrammable mugs made especially for RVers, like this one for an RVing couple, this vanlife one, and yet another “Home is Where You Park It” one (I really like RVing puns, okay?!). 

6. Collapsible kettle:

Given the limited power supply when RVers are boondocking (i.e., when they camp without electrical hookups), most RVers do not use a standard drip coffeemaker. Instead, a simple kettle is multifunctional, takes up a small amount of space, and, with decent instant coffee, can be just as good as drip (I swear!).

Due to the small storage spaces in most RVs, I’d recommend getting one with a foldable handle- my husband and I have this one and love it and this one would be great, not only for RVing, but car camping and backpacking too!

Woman holding a kettle in an RV


These items will help any RV feel a bit cozier- what could be a better gift than that?

7. Slippers:

Remember how I said you need to take your shoes off when you enter into an RV to keep it reasonably clean?

Well, the floors of most RVs, especially in the wintertime, can get quite chilly- they’re usually not as well-insulated as the RV’s walls and any heat from built-in furnaces usually rises towards the ceiling. So some warm and toasty slippers will be a welcome addition to any RVer’s camping arsenal- heres some for women (plus, a portion of the proceeds go to animal shelters, so your heart can feel warm and toasty too!) and here’s some for men.

8. Flannel sheets:

If there’s a chill in the air, nothing is more inviting than diving into a comfy bed, made up with soft, warm bedding. And what could be any warmer than flannel sheets?

Most of my RVing friends who full-time bust out their flannel sheets every winter- not only are they cozy and warm, but they’re also incredibly breathable, which is ideal for RVers who may not have quick access to a washing machine all of the time.

Check out these sheets from Pendleton, who make incredibly high quality items that scream “I’m outdoorsy!”. Side note here- be sure to buy the correct size for the RVer you have in mind; RV beds may range from a twin all the way up to a king. 

Couple wrapped in a blanket and looking at the Tetons

9. Sleeping Bag Blanket:

Another item that’s incredibly popular with RVers- fluffy blankets made out of sleeping bag material. This makes the blanket incredibly light, which is always a concern for any item you’ll be lugging around with you, while providing just as much warmth as the coziest sleeping bag.

The company Rumpl makes sleeping bag blankets that are 100% made out of post-consumer recycled materials and come in cool prints and colors. They’re water- and odor-resistant and, since they come with a cape clip, your favorite RVer can wear it over their shoulders while snuggling up by the campfire. Check it out here

10. Handheld vacuum:

While this gift is decidedly on the practical side of the spectrum, it will no doubt be well-used- RVs are just magnets for dust, dirt, pet hair, you name it. And in small spaces, an insignificant amount of dust can quickly make any RV feel pretty gross.

A handheld vacuum, like this one, is perfect to combat this issue in small spaces, like RVs- you can not only use it on the floor and in corners that love to collect dirt- but also in hard to reach places like between cushions, inside cabinets, and curtains. 


If you’ve never been to a campground before, it’s quite unbelievable how many people deck out their campsites, from grills to tiki torches and everything in between. Here are some items to help the RVer in your life have the coolest campsite around:

11. Solo Stove Fire Pit:

While nothing goes hand in hand better with camping than a campfire, they’re not always the most pleasant experience- fires in traditional pits tend to be ashy, create a lot of smoke that permeates hair and clothes, and inevitably leaves half-burnt logs behind.

Consider, instead, these Solo Stove fire pits, which are incredibly popular with RVers, given their portable nature. More importantly, the pit is designed to maximize combustion airflow efficiency, which means they generate much less smoke and ash and more efficiently burn the firewood.

Instead of collecting heavy rocks to create your own firepit, you can quickly plop this baby down and have a sleek and modern one at the ready.

12. Outdoor Area Mat:

For RVers that like to hang out at their campsites, a large outdoor mat, like this one, is the perfect way to extend their living space outside. It keeps dirt and grass off your feet while hanging outside, offers a designated space for any outdoor tables or chairs, and makes the campsite feel way more homey. 

Dogs sitting in front of an RV in Valley of Fire State Park

13. Portable table:

Some, but not all, campsites come with picnic tables and even if there is a table at your site, they’re usually inconveniently placed, depending on if you want to cook by your firepit or closer to your RV (like with a portable grill).

There have been so many times that I wished we had a portable table to hold our ingredients while we’re cooking by our campfire, as a dining table, to use while we’re packing up our backpacks while we’re headed out on a backcountry adventure, or even just to hold our drinks while we’re doing something outside.

Consider giving them a lightweight and portable table like this one

14. Griddle:

Most RVers love cooking in their rig, but you gotta be careful when cooking in an RV- for example, cooking with grease can splatter, create stains on your walls and ceilings, and make the fabrics in an RV a bit smelly.

A propane-fueled griddle, like this one, is perfect to use outside (especially with your handy portable table listed above!) and is quite popular with RVers to cook up anything from burgers to stir fry. Word of warning, though- if they use this griddle outside their camper, all of the delicious smells wafting from it may make them the most popular campers at the campground!

15. Camp chair:

There may be no single item I use more when I’m on the road than my camp chair- from chilling outside their trailer, around the campfire, on a beach, or anywhere on the go, every RVer needs a really solid and comfy chair.

And while most RVers have some kind of camp chair, almost all of the ones I see at campgrounds are the uncomfortable ones you can pick up at Walmart for $10- i.e., they’re in dire need of an upgrade! So give the gift of comfort and decent posture around the campfire this season- this camp chair has awesome reviews, looks great, and is super lightweight.

Couple sitting on Cannon Beach, looking at Haystack Rock at sunset

16. Portable speaker:

A portable speaker is kind of an RV life essential- not only can you listen to it while you’re hanging outside your rig (like while you’re sitting around the campfire or off having adventures), but it can also be used inside your RV, if it doesn’t come with a sound system or you’re just trying to conserve power.

This one is the perfect portable speaker for RVers- it’s bluetooth-enabled, waterproof (so it can be brought with them on any kind of kayaking or hot springs adventures), lasts up to 20 hours, and has awesome sound quality.

17. Hammock:

What could possibly be more relaxing than hanging out in a hammock at your campsite and curling up with a good book or podcast? When you have such a tiny living space, like an RV, it’s important to find ways to extend your living space outside- and a solid hammock basically makes the great outdoors your living room!

This one is affordable, weighs only 24 ounces (so you could even take it backpacking or traveling abroad), holds up to 500 pounds (for the double), and is super comfy.


18. Backup camera:

I’m going to be honest- regardless of what kind of RV you have, backing up sucks. It’s really hard to see behind you; if you’re towing, your camper seemingly wants to go the very opposite way you intend it to; and an RV is just plain bigger and boxier than a standard vehicle, making it hard to understand if you’re going to hit a low hanging branch or nearby pole.

A backup camera, though, can be a total game changer, allowing you to have much better visibility of your surroundings while you’re backing up, making it safer for you and those around you. This one has great reviews.

19. Harvest Hosts Membership

If your RVing loved one likes offbeat adventures and quirky campsites, a Harvest Host membership is absolutely perfect.

You can read our full Harvest Hosts review, but, in a nutshell, for the price of an annual membership, members get to camp at over 2000 small businesses across the United States, like breweries, wineries, farms, and museums. In exchange for staying the night, the member is expected to buy something small from the business (about $30). So you get a unique campsite for the night and get to support small businesses- win win!

We’ve stayed at a few really cool places through Harvest Hosts, like a vineyard in California’s wine country and a junkyard brewery along Route 66. Our readers get a unique promo code if they purchase a Harvest Hosts membership through this link– woohoo!

Couple standing in front of their RV in a California vineyard
Just casually waking up in a California wine country vineyard. No big deal…

20. America the Beautiful Pass:

As mentioned above, I love the U.S. National Park system- that’s kind of a prerequisite for being an RVer!

To visit one of the national parks for a week, it will usually cost anywhere from $25-30 for a single car pass. However, if you’ve read any of our National Park guides, you probably already know that you can pick up this magical little card called the America the Beautiful Pass, an annual pass that costs just $80 and gets you into a whopping 2,000 U.S. national parks, forests, shorelines (and on and on).

The proceeds support the National Park Service and if your friend or loved one plans on going to at least three National Parks in the next year, there’d seriously be no better gift than this. You can either pick one up here, at your local REI, or at most staffed entrance stations at U.S. National Parks.

Woman hiking along the Summerland trail at Mt. Rainier National Park

I’m stoked that you’re giving such a cool and thoughtful gift to the RVer in your life that will make their camping experience that much better. If you’re an RVer, sound off- is there anything I missed on the list above that you’d love to get as a gift? Let me know in the comments below!

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