17 Road to Hana Stops You Don’t Want to Miss

The Road to Hana on Maui is one of the most scenic drives on the planet, winding 65 miles through incredibly lush rainforests, past rushing waterfalls, and along the dramatic Pacific coastline. It goes without saying that there are countless places to explore along the drive—but here are the 17 best Road to Hana stops to make the most of your time on this iconic road trip. 

Winter in Hawaii: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about escaping the cold and heading to Hawaii this winter? You’re not alone—this tropical paradise is actually at its very busiest during this time period! But what is winter in Hawaii like exactly—-and does it change what you can and can’t do there? 

I’ve visited each of the Hawaiian islands several times during the winter and am detailing everything you need to know about visiting during the cooler months, from what the weather is like to the best things to do on each of the islands.

Where to Stay in Maui: 6 Awesome Towns to Consider

The island of Maui is, in a word, paradise, offering lush jungles, enormous volcanoes, and, of course, stunning beaches. It’s also, however, quite massive, clocking in as the second largest Hawaiian island at a whopping 735 square miles. So if you’re scratching your head on exactly where to stay in Maui to provide the best base camp for your adventure’s on the island, we’ve rounded up the 6 best towns—and hotels—to make the most of your time in paradise.

Does it Snow in Hawaii? Everything You Need to Know

The Hawaiian Islands are known for their sunshine, pristine beaches, and lush jungles. But you may have heard that certain parts of the islands can get pretty chilly and wondered to yourself “does it snow in Hawaii?”. And the surprising answer is yes—it may snow here even more than you’d think! Here’s everything you need to know about snow in Hawaii, from where you can find it to whether you need to worry about it on your next tropical getaway. 

5 Best Road to Hana Tours on Maui

Driving the incredible Road to Hana is a not-to-be-missed experience while you’re in Maui. It can, however, take a little bit of legwork—from renting a pricey rental car to mustering up the courage to take on this famously windy road (with a whopping 46 one-way bridges!). So if you, instead, want someone else to sit in the driver’s seat (quite literally!), consider going on a tour of the Road to Hana, where all you need to do is sit back and enjoy island time. Here’s five of the best Road to Hana tours, so you can check this epic experience off your Maui bucket list in comfort!

Do You Need A Rental Car in Maui?

If you’re planning a trip to Maui, you’ve probably booked your airfare, your accommodations… but what about a car? Do you need a rental car in Maui? If you’re having a hard time deciding whether it’s worth the cost or not, keep on reading to find out exactly what kind of travelers absolutely need to have a rental car on Maui—and which ones do not.

‘Īao Needle Hike: Everything You Need to Know

The ‘Īao Needle Hike is an easy trail that packs a lot of punch, offering jaw-dropping views of some of Maui’s most lush landscapes—and an important glimpse into Hawaii’s history and culture. If you want to experience this little slice of heaven in the West Maui Mountains for yourself, here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Īao Needle Hike.

Best Whale Watching Tours in Maui for Ecoconscious Travelers

If you’re headed to Maui in winter, you’re in luck- it just so happens to be one of the best places to see humpback whales!  But with so many whale watching tours to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick which one is worth your time and money. Here’s everything you need to know about the best whale watching tours in Maui for ecoconscious travelers.

Best Hikes in Maui: 8 Trails to Add to Your Hawaii Bucket List

Most travelers come to Maui, looking for rest and relaxation in a tropical paradise. And while it’s perfect for that, this incredibly diverse island offers SO much more, with epic volcanoes, towering waterfalls, and bamboo forests just waiting to be explored. If you want to experience the more adventurous side of Maui, you came to the right place- here’s eight of the best hikes in Maui.

The Ultimate Maui Itinerary [2024]

With seemingly endless outdoor adventures to be had in Maui (snorkeling! hiking! respectfully stalking whales!), it can be hard to know where to spend your time on the island. While you’ll only be able to scratch the surface during a single visit, here’s a Maui itinerary for 8 days on the island- plus suggestions if you have less time!- to squeeze in as much adventure as you possibly can.

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