Dunvegan Camping Pods, the Best Glamping on the Isle of Skye

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Scotland’s Isle of Skye is renowned for its incredible beauty, with lush cliff sides, towering rock formations, and stunning coastlines. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in its natural beauty while visiting the Isle of Skye is to choose glamping accommodations. The Dunvegan Camping Pods, located on the northwestern side of the island, is the perfect mix of rustic charm with modern conveniences. Here’s everything you need to know about the Dunvegan Camping Pods, the best glamping on the Isle of Skye.

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Glamping cabin at the Dunvegan Camping Pod in the Isle of Skye in Scotland
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If you want the TLDR on the Dunvegan Camping Pods, here goes.

The Dunvegan Camping Pods has a LOT going for it—it’s conveniently located as a jumping off point to explore the Isle of Skye, it’s relatively affordable on a very pricey island, and each cabin has been extremely well-thought out, from the incredibly well-equipped kitchen to the heater that keeps the cabin toasty warm and the hot shower that feels rejuvenating after a long day of hiking. In fact, these tiny cabins pack a LOT of punch—and truth be told, don’t really feel all that tiny!

That’s not to say the cabins are perfect—for example, the sofas in the room are not the most comfortable things to sit on for long periods of time and the bed was a bit soft for my liking. 

Overall, though, if you’re looking for a comfortable and unique place to make your homebase on the Isle of Skye, the Dunvegan Camping Pods is an excellent glamping choice.

Still not sure if the Dunvegan Camping Pods are right for you? Let’s get into it!

Where are the Dunvegan Camping Pods?

The Dunvegan Camping Pods are located right in the center of the town of Dunvegan, on the northwestern side of the Isle of Skye. Located behind the town’s post office (which I think is kind of a quirky touch!), the tiny cabins are within easy walking distance of a handful of bars, restaurants, and a small grocery store in town and a three minute drive (or less than a half hour walk!) to the gorgeous and historic Dunvegan Castle. 

Dunvegan Castle in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

A lot of visitors coming to the Isle of Skye stay in Portree, which I found to be rather insanely expensive, overly touristy, and, if you can’t otherwise tell, not my favorite town. I love that Dunvegan, on the other hand, feels a bit more authentic and, while tucked a wee bit away, is still relatively close to all of the major sites on Skye, such as a 43 minute drive to the Fairy Pools, 48 minute drive to the Old Man of Storr, and less than an hour drive to the Quiraing Walk.

The Grounds at Dunvegan Camping Pods

Dunvegan Camping Pods are located on a small plot of grassy land, with a quiet river, Alt Beag, running in front of two of the cabins (there are a total of four). The area has lots of trees and is just a short walk to the shores of Loch Dunvegan—in fact, even though the pods are located in the heart of Dunvegan, it somehow feels like you’re tucked away in a beautiful forest.

Cabin at the Dunvegan Camping Pods in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye in Scotland
Tip: If you plan on spending a meaningful amount of time in the cabins, you might want to request staying in the Camping Pods 1 and 2, which have a view of the river, by emailing dunvegancampingpods@yahoo.com before your stay.

As compared to some of the other glamping options we stayed at in Scotland, like the Riverbeds Luxury Wee Lodges in Glencoe, the grounds are on the smaller side and the cabins a bit more clustered together. Still, given that there’s only four cabins and their orientation to one another, they still manage to feel fairly private.

The Cabins at Dunvegan Camping Pods

The cabins are where this place really shines, in my opinion. 

Each cabin comes with a small but charming outdoor area, with a picnic table and two Adirondack chairs on a small porch. 

Kitchenette in the Dunvegan Camping Pods in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Inside the cabin, it has a small kitchenette on one side, with seriously EVERYTHING you could possibly need—a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, hot plate, sink, electric tea kettle, an awesome variety of dishes (including pots and pans), and flatware. There’s even little extras that are provided that you’ll need to cook, like salt, pepper and oil. It’s definitely one of the most well thought-out kitchens in accommodations we’ve ever stayed in—and we’ve stayed in a lot!

If I had one complaint about the kitchen, it’s that they provide instant powdered coffee that I wasn’t very crazy about and wish they, instead, had a “regular” coffee maker (which is very American of me) or an espresso pod machine. If you’re a glamping coffee snob, like me, you may want to pick up some iced coffee at the grocery store or take the opportunity to explore some cute coffee shops on the Isle of Skye (we LOVED Lean To Coffee)!

Interior of a glamping cabin at the Dunvegan Camping Pods at the Isle of Skye in Scotland

There’s also a small amount of counter space and two stools, where you can eat. Alternatively, you can use the space under the counter to store your luggage (which we did).

On the other side of the cabin, there’s a sofa bed—admittedly, it’s not the most comfortable to sit or sleep on, but will definitely do the trick just fine for most travelers, especially spry young kiddos. In the back corner, there’s a double bed with a big ol’ fluffy blanket that’s tucked into a little alcove, making it feel super cozy. The bed was too soft for my liking and sagged a bit in the middle, but, from reviews that I’ve read, other travelers have found it quite comfy, so to each their own!

Bed in the glamping cabins in Dunvegan Camping Pods in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Next to the bed is an en-suite bathroom that definitely makes this feel more like a glamping experience—a flush toilet, pedestal sink, and stand-alone shower, with excellent water pressure that gets nice and hot. They even include little complimentary shampoo and body wash! 

The only major complaint I have about the bathroom is that they used an air freshener with a rather intense perfume-y smell—my husband, Justin and I are both kind of sensitive to smells, so we wound up closing the bathroom door when we were in the cabin, which took care of that issue.

Bathroom in the glamping cabin in the Dunvegan Camping Pods in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Overall, the room was immaculately clean and quite spacious for a tiny glamping cabin. It’s the perfect amount of space for a solo or two travelers, but I’ve even read reviews of families of four staying comfortably here!

The Service at Dunvegan Camping Pods

The pods are owned by the sweetest local couple. Checking in definitely feels like something out of a romantic comedy about Scotland—you’ll either check in at Dunvegan’s post office, if it’s open, or at the Old Schoolhouse, an aptly-named restaurant in a former schoolhouse.

Sign for the Dunvegan Camping Pod in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

The owners are incredibly kind, thorough in explaining any quirks of the cabins (like how the heater works), and keen to provide tips and off-the-beaten path recommendations around the Isle of Skye. They definitely stay out of your hair while you’re staying at the cabins, but were just a quick phone call away whenever we had any questions. They even quietly deliver new, fresh towels every day outside your cabin door in a weatherproof bag, so you never run out! 

Review of the Dunvegan Camping Pods

All in all, if you’re looking for a quiet, comfortable, and unique place to call home while you’re in the Isle of Skye, I can’t imagine a better glamping option than these pods. 

While the pods certainly aren’t perfect (I’m looking at you, uncomfortable sofa!), it more than makes up for its imperfections with its friendly service, well-equipped cabins, and excellent location.

Glamping cabin at Dunvegan Camping Pods in Isle of Skye in Scotland

I hope you have a better idea of whether the Dunvegan Camping Pods are the right choice for you! Do you have any questions about staying here during your time on the Isle of Skye? Let me know in the comments below!

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